Funders and partners

The kind of benefits employee ownership can bring have never been more needed to support individual workers, businesses, local communities and regional economiesOwnership at Work believes employee ownership should become one of the foundations for our national recovery.    

But we cannot do this alone. We are a young organisation. We need partners who can bring not only ideas but importantly resources and funding. You might share our passion and ambition for employee ownership and be happy to make a charitable donation? You might have a particular aspect of EO impact you’re keen to explore with a credible, independent research partner? We are looking for proactive partners and contributors large and small to help us deliver our ambition and build our reputation. 

We count ourselves extremely lucky to work with our existing funders and partners, and hope that others will be inspired to join us:   

Employee Ownership Association

The EOA represents organisations which are employee owned or transitioning to employee ownership across the UK. A non-profit and politically independent trade body, the EOA provides support and services to its growing membership, and partners with them to champion and promote the growth of employee owned businesses. 

Scott Bader

Scott Bader is a sector-leading chemical manufacturing company employing over 700 people across the world. Scott Bader has been an employee owned firm since 1951 and has a unique commonwealth governance structure. 


Established in 1989, today Gripple is a globally recognised manufacturer, delivering innovative, value-added solutions to construction and agricultural markets. Gripple is a 100% employee-owned company with every employee a direct shareholder in the business. 

David Sproxton CBE 

David Sproxton CBE is the co-founder of the world renowned Aardman Animations studio which became employee owned in 2018. As a passionate supporter of the employee ownership sector, David made an individual contribution to help Ownership at Work to get off the ground.


TensCare supplies reliable, safe, effective, drug free electrotherapy pain relief and muscle rehabilitation devices that improve the quality of life for the users. TensCare is an Employee Owned Business with the majority of shares being held for the benefit of all Tenscare employees in a Trust. 


Established in 1999, Zircom has grown to become a marketing agency, focussed on providing award winning B2B solutions to a global client base.

Zircom is an Employee Owned Business with the majority of shares being held for the benefit of all Zircom employees in a Trust.