Employee and Worker Ownership – Changing lives and livelihoods

Date published: April 2023

A short paper revealing newly published figures on the size of the employee and worker owned business sector in the UK. The paper also outlines the sector’s benefits, opportunities and current policy priorities.

Employee Ownership Trusts – In search of best practice

Date published: March 2022

A short study into the practical reality of introducing an EOT into a small business. The report highlights fresh insights into common and emerging good practice in businesses of 50 to 150 employees that adopted an EOT ownership model between 2017-2019.

A Shares for Debt Recovery Plan – Converting bounce-back loans into employee equity

Date published: May 2021

This paper argues that giving struggling companies the option to convert emergency bounce back loans into employee equity stakes will protect livelihoods, spur productivity and pave the way for a small business-led recovery.

Build Back Together – A recovery that works for everyone

Date published: September 2020

This paper argues that we must give employees a meaningful stake in future success to unlock the motivation needed to drive post-pandemic recovery and sets out initial thinking on how to rebuild a fairer economy.  

Redesigning Work – Employee Owners Speak

Date published: July 2020

This paper sets out the employees’ perspective on how an ownership culture can make a business more adaptable, resilient and profitable over the longer term. These insights from successful employee owned firms showcase the benefits for any business of increasing employee engagement and responsibility, and offering a stake and a voice. 

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A Partnership Fund For Jobs – How government can help small business cope with the crisis

Date published: June 2020

This report calls on the Government to implement plans that would let employees turn part of their pay into shares in the business where they work, with Government matching that sum via the British Business Bank.

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Redesigning the CEO – How employee ownership changes the art of leadership

Date published: March 2020

This report investigates how employee ownership changes the art of leadership. Authored by eminent business and management writer, Stefan Stern, the paper is based on a series of interviews with the leaders of ten employee owned businesses.

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Capital Partners – Why it’s time for finance and employee ownership to talk

Date published: October 2019

This paper highlights a huge missed opportunity for the UK’s financial institutions. It explores why so many employee owned firms say they can’t access the right finance – despite ticking all the right boxes for lending and investment.

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Equity for all – How a simple trust can spread ownership and wealth to millions

Date published: September 2019

This paper is a radical plan to encourage more companies to give employees a stake in the business in which they work that could create 1.5 million employee owners by 2030 and the biggest share out of wealth in a generation.

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