Ownership at Work – the employee ownership (EO) sector’s new think tank – has appointed an interim Chief Executive who wants to prove beyond doubt the significant social and economic benefits EO businesses can drive in post-pandemic recovery.

Campbell McDonald has taken on an interim role as the organisation’s first Chief Executive with a mission to help advance the EO sector’s research base and strengthen the case behind increasing levels of EO in the UK economy.

Campbell said: “When you work in the employee owned sector it’s all too easy to assume the benefits are plain to see but our approach is still a mystery to many. Whilst numbers of employee owned businesses are growing at record levels, as our popularity grows so does the burden of proof.

“Now more than ever we must be able to showcase the remarkable economic and social benefits employee ownership can bring, for individuals, businesses, the economy and our wider society.”

Early areas of focus for Campbell will be ensuring that every business owner should consider EO as part of their recovery plan and developing an approach to measure the social impact of EO firms. 

Campbell has been a Trustee of OAW since its launch in 2019. Following a formal recruitment process, Campbell has stood down as a Trustee to take up this role and lay strong foundations for a sustainable organisation.

Campbell has worked in the EO sector for over 12 years, initially as an advisor to the John Lewis Partnership before co-founding and running EO specialist consultancy Baxendale Advisory from 2012-18. Previously Campbell worked as a journalist, and at the Cabinet Office for five years.

If you have any questions, or want to pursue any research discussions with Ownership at Work, please contact Campbell at campbell.mcdonald@employeeownership.co.uk.