Ownership at Work are asking employee owned businesses of all sizes and sectors to take part in an unprecedented survey looking at the economic, social and environmental impacts that can be derived from employee ownership.

Developed with CBI Economics, the survey is an integral part of ‘The Knowledge Programme’ – a vital research piece that will seek to establish a new baseline for the economic, social and environmental impact of EOBs, as well as providing EO-specific good practice data and an impact measurement tool so firms can benchmark, learn and improve.

In order to ensure the quality and credibility of the research findings, OAW need 10% of the EO sector in the UK to provide a small amount of insight into their business by completing this ground-breaking survey.


The evidence gathered will help to raise awareness of the impacts of employee ownership with critical government and political stakeholders, and with banks and investors, and provide insights to business owners and managers on how those impacts come about.

This survey also seeks to understand how business performance (such as productivity or financial resilience) and strategic decision-making around social and environmental contributions differ between employee owned businesses and non-employee owned businesses.

The survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete and will be open until 23:59 on Thursday 6th April. It is best completed by a senior leader who knows your ownership model and your performance headlines, for instance Chief Executive/Managing Director, Financial Director or Chief Operating Officer equivalents. You will not be asked to provide commercially sensitive information and we will only ever publish aggregate (rather than firm-specific) findings

This survey is open to any business providing:

  • The business is a minimum of 25% employee owned
  • The business has a mechanism for meaningful employee participation
  • The business has been employee owned for at least 1 financial year
  • The business has 10 employees or more

For EOBs who are keen to contribute further, there will be an opportunity to engage with the Knowledge Programme on a more in-depth level, by taking part in an interview on good EO practice, or by testing the impact measurement tool that will be developed as part of the Programme for the benefit of the EO sector.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Adriana Curca, Principal Economist at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), adriana.curca@cbi.org.uk.

OAW are grateful to the following funding contributors for supporting the Programme: