A new paper has been released trailing exciting new findings on the true value of employee and worker ownership. The paper, Capitalising on the Impact of Employee and Worker Ownership, reveals the first headlines from the EO Knowledge Programme, which demonstrate the considerable impacts of employee and worker ownership on the economy, businesses, workers and the environment.

The paper also outlines how policymakers can capitalise on these impacts, and drive the stellar growth in the number of EWOBs even further:

  • Through clear political and policy leadership
  • By anchoring awareness of the EWOB model in systems services and institutions.

In developing this policy paper OAW spoke to multiple bodies that provide sector leadership, support, growth and education in the UK, including the Employee Ownership Association, Co-operatives UK, workers.coop, Co-operative Development Scotland and Cwmpas. OAW does not speak on behalf of those organisations but wants to thank each of them for allowing us to draw on their policy priorities to inform this document.

OAW are hugely grateful to the MidCounties Cooperative for their support behind the creation and publication of this series of briefing papers.